In September 2023, Science of Aphasia took place in Nice.

Location: Hotel le Saint Paul: 29 Boulevard Franck Pilatte, Nice, FR 06300, +33 4 93 89 39 57

Please be reminded that Nice is a popular destination and SoA will happen at the same time as the Rugby World Cup ! Check for your accomodation early: for more information HERE.

Here the 2023 program

Aphasia: Changing paradigms?


1)    ‘Big data’ and ‘Deep Data’: 18/09/2023

  • Simon Fischer Baum: A critical place for small, but deep, data in aphasia research.
  • Alex Leff: Using in-app therapy data to predict final outcome: an example from the Listen-In randomised clinical trial
  • David Howard: Separate lexicons for language comprehension and production? Big(gish) data.

2)    What changed because of new treatment methods for stroke?: 19/09/2023

  • Argye Hillis: Can we study people with aphasia in the era of endovascular treatment for stroke?           
  • Hugues Duffau: Towards a meta-networking theory of brain functions: the neural foundations of conation, language, cognition and behavior unveiled by intraoperative stimulation mapping in awake patient.           

3)    ‘Control’ in the language system: 20/09/2023

  • Vitoria Piai: Lexical selection, control, and the role of brain-based measures     
  • Bonnie Nozari: Selection and Control: Where are we at?

4)    New data sources: 21/09/2023

  • Elena Barbieri: The contribution of Primary Progressive Aphasia to the investigation of the anatomy of the language network.
  • Djaina Satoer: Awake brain tumor surgery: new insights in aphasia?